About Us

Started in 2000, GOusable is a developer of effective web applications.
Our main focus is client's real need rather than our self-satisfaction.

Today, when the internet boom is over, it's hard task for online project to remain profitable. Dozens if not hundreds of examples show that to get return on investment (ROI), web project must be convenient for users, in other words, usable.
So, the name of this website is GO usable, because this is the most important thing for any online project. Frankly speaking, for offline too.

After 5 years working on US market we have developed proven strategies to enhance client's online as well as off-line image.

Principal and main developer:

Web / Flash developer, usability expert



Text2Curve screenshot
Text2Curve Flash component allows you to place text along one of pre-defined curves.

Now you can use these effects in Flash IDE or at runtime.
Easy to configure.

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