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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that occurs when there is an inflammation of the median nerve. This nerve runs through the carpal tunnel which is made up of bones and ligaments in the wrist area. As the nerve swells, it creates pressure and pain in the fingers, hands and wrists. Repetitive and strenuous use of the fingers and hands are the most common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

A person who has carpel tunnel syndrome usually experiences a tingling in the fingers, hands and sometimes forearm. The severity of the symptoms ranges from mild discomfort to disabling pain and loss of use of the wrist and fingers.

The two most common and accurate tests for determining carpal tunnel syndrome are the Tinel's sign test and Phalan's sign test. Both require the patient to make specific motions with their wrists and hands. If they experience a tingling sensation, then they probably have carpal tunnel syndrome.

To treat carpal tunnel syndrome, the first step is to stop the actions that caused it in the first place. Sometimes this is as simple as adjusting your keyboard to a lower position or changing the way tools are held. Taking periodic breaks from using the hands and wrists can also alleviate symptoms.

How to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

Prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome may involve redesigning work stations, tools, or the job, and educating workers. Proper work station design reduces awkward wrist positions and minimizes the stressful effects of repetitive motions. Awkward positions can originate from unsuitable work station designs that do not take into account the size and proportions of the human body. Work stations should be adjustable and should accommodate a vast majority of people who work in that area.

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