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Relaxation to defeat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When I read an article about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) for the very first time, I realized that I've never suffered from such a disease. Why?
The matter is that before 1993 I was a professional musician. Now I'm not, but 10+ years of musical education and career had left their mark.

Any musician (pianist, violinist, guitarist etc.) knows that he won't be able to play if he get an illness like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
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So, any professional musician knows that he must relax his hands while playing. This means he does some special motions (rotations etc.) continuously during his work.
Another good example is our heart. It has to work uninterruptedly during all our life. The only reason that it can do this huge work successfully is that there are relaxation moments for it's muscles to have a rest.

After such reflections I decided to bring this knowledge to non-musical people who are suffering from CTS or have a risk of it. Note that it's not just my own experience, but an experience of generations of musicians.

Main Idea is Simple

So, the main idea is to make some relaxation during your work. No matter, what is this work - computer, writing on paper etc., - idea is the same.

As you get the idea, your objective now is to find the best moments for relaxation. My AntiTunnel exercises are intended to help you in this task. Find these moments as soon as possible!
While (of course) you can use them as relaxation exercises only, this will help to give a rest to your hands, but won't prevent them from CTS. To prevent your hands, you should teach them how to relax and when to relax.

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Download ZIP package (73kb) to run the program on your computer. It contains SWF file embedded in html page and help file.
If you run AntiTunnel exercises on your local computer, you're able to set an interval to show next exercise automatically.

AntiTunnel exercises to prevent CTS

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New way to prevent CTS.
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Exercises online


Download ZIP package (73kb) to run the program on your computer.

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