Dynamic Blend v.2 (v2.0.6)

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Component description:

This Flash MX 2004 component allows you to dynamically build blend groups based on your symbols. Blend groups can be used to create custom gradients, distribute a number of objects to some space, create 3D effects
It can be used as a component in Flash MX 2004 or later.
Resulting movie will require Flash Player 7 or later.

If you are going to create content for older versions of Flash Player (5 or 6), please see previous version of Dynamic Blend.

Blend groups can be used to create different visual effects.
Dynamic Blend Flash MX 2004 component acts similar to Blend tools in CorelDRAW or Freehand, but, unlike them, builds blend groups dynamically, e.g. as a movie is playing.
As a result, it will help to create very small SWF files (good for preloaders).
It is strongly recommended that you learn something about using Blend tools in a program like Freehand - it will help to use this component more efficiently.

What's new in version 2: You can also dynamically:
- Move, rotate and scale one or two of your base objects;
- Change their colors or Alpha while the movie is playing;
and then rebuild blend group using rebuildBlend() method.


Thanks a lot Shane Hunt for his great book - Coreldraw 8 F/X: Inventive Techniques & Outrageous Effects, which taught me all these blend tricks.

Text2Curve screenshot

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