Flash Player 7.


This Flash MX 2004 component allows you to place text along one of pre-defined curves.
Unlike similar tools in programs as Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Freehand, it allows doing this dynamically, e.g. as a movie is playing.
Text along the curve (circle, ellipse, wave and so on) is broadly used by designers to create artistic effects.

Can be used as a component in Flash MX 2004 or later.
Resulting movie require Flash Player 7 or later.

Class constructor
Constructor for the Text2Curve class

Method summary for the Text2Curve class

Text2Curve.redraw()Updates a Text2Curve object on the screen.

Property summary for the Text2Curve class

Text2Curve.baseClipRead-only; a base movie clip on the stage.
Text2Curve.boldA Boolean value that indicates whether text is bold.
Text2Curve.centerText A Boolean value that indicates whether text is centered (applicable to round and elliptic curves).
Text2Curve.curveColor The color of the curve's line. Default is 0xCCCCCC (grey).
Text2Curve.curveParamAn Object containing parameters for the curve.
Text2Curve.curveType The type of a curve. Can be one of pre-defined strings.
Text2Curve.doRotateA Boolean value that indicates whether letters are rotated to be perpendicular to the curve.
Text2Curve.italicA Boolean value that indicates whether text is italic.
Text2Curve.letterSpacing The amount of additional space between letters.
Text2Curve.lineWidth The width of a curve's line.
Text2Curve.rotateByThe angle of rotation for the whole text group.
Text2Curve.shiftBy The distance along the curve from 0 point to first letter.
Text2Curve.showLine A Boolean value that indicates whether curve is visible.
Text2Curve.txtColorThe color of the text.
Text2Curve.txtFont A string that indicates font name or the linkage identifier of the font symbol for the text.
Text2Curve.txtSizeThe point size of text.
Text2Curve.txtWidthRead-only; total length of the text in pixels.
Text2Curve.userText The text to be placed along the curve.

Using Text2Curve component in Flash IDE.
Text2Curve FAQ.


You can see some working samples available at the component's website.