Text2Curve FAQ

At this page you will find some answers to more advanced questions and links to useful resources.

Questions & Answers

  1. Q. I have purchased and installed the Text2Curve component, but can't find help files with illustrations and API documentation as stated on your site.
    A. Text2Curve help was added to built-in Flash Help during installation. You can find it in Help panel within Flash IDE. Just press F1.
    The Text2Curve folder is usually below all "native" folders.
  2. Q. Seems I do everything, and all is OK in IDE, but can't see text in published movie.
    A. Check embedded fonts.
  3. Q. Why text in the Flash IDE is not shown in my font?
    A. In Flash IDE you see the pre-compiled movie (Live Preview) of the component. Therefore, all text is shown in the default font (Arial).
    Publish the movie to see text in your font.
  4. Q. Can I animate this text on curve?
    A. All is possible. You can do it either with timeline-based motioin tween or Actionscript.
    Note, nowever, that this component uses comples math to place letter along the curve. Therefore it loads CPU and can slow down your movie on old computers.
  5. Q. What affects the size of published movie?
    A. Most important (of related to Text2Curve) are embedded fonts.
    Here are some rules:


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