Flash Player 7.


my_text2curve.rotateBy : Number;


Property; the angle of rotation (in degrees) for the whole text group.
This property corresponds to Rotation parameter in Component Inspector.


There are two ways to rotate the text group at runtime:

  1. By using _rotation property of a movie clip.
    It's recommended to use one specified by Text2Curve.baseClip property. While you can try to use _rotation property of the component instance itself (added at authoring time), results can be different from what you expected. At the picture below, (1) shows component without any rotation; (2) - using _rotation of the component instance itself; (3) - using my_text2curve.baseClip._rotation:

    Using _rotation property of a movie clip.

  2. By using rotateBy property and then redraw() method of Text2Curve object.
    The result in this case is same as (3) at the picture above.
    Sample code:
    // my_text2curve is name of Text2Curve object or component instance
    my_text2curve.rotateBy = 45;