Using Text2Curve component in Flash IDE.


To place text along curve (circle in this tutorial) at authoring time, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Flash document (select File > New).
  2. Place an instance of Text2Curve component on the scene. Select it (click the semi-transparent rectangle - bounding box).
  3. Open Component Inspector (Window > Development Panels > Component Inspector or Alt+F7). While the most important parameters are available also in Properties panel, it's more comfortable to use Component Inspector.
  4. Sometimes newly placed instance of Text2Curve will not show text outside the bounding box (Fig.1, a). Just click several parameters in Component Inspector (or enter new values as described below) to update the view (Fig.1, b).

    Fig.1. New instance of Text2Curve: a)just placed; b)updated view; c)with new text.

  5. Enter parameters (most important shown in bold):
  6. Embedding fonts.
    If you try to publish movie right now, you'll see no text. To display text, do one of the following: See Flash help files for more information on embedding fonts or creating font symbols.
  7. Now you can publish the movie - your text will be accurately placed along the curve.
  8. Changing parameters and adjusting the component.
    Sometimes you will need to change the Text2Curve component's look in the IDE. Some rules:
  9. Publish your movie to see the result. Play with values to get desired results.

You can see some working samples available at the component website.