Text2Curve AS3

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Current version: v.3.0.4

Component description:

This is AS3 version of Text2Curve Flash AS2 component .
All the functionality and methods are the same.

Can be used as a component in Flash CS3 or later.
Resulting movie requires Flash Player 9 or later.

What is different from AS2 version:

Using Text2Curve AS3 in Flex
The ZIP archive (that you purchase) contains MXP package to use with Flash IDE and also a SWC file. It's the same as included within MXP, just doesn't require you to unpack MXP.
Then do as recommended in this article (by C. Moock):
How to Use Flash CS3's V3 Components in Flex Builder

Versions update/upgrade rules
  1. AS2 and AS3 versions are positioned as separate products.
  2. If you purchase AS2 version, you can get all updates of AS2 version for free.
  3. If you purchase AS3 version, you can get all updates of AS3 version for free.
Please contact me if you have any problems using Text2Curve
Known issues:
- Due to new way LivePreview is implemented in Flash CS3/CS4, sometimes text on curve looks cropped in Live Preview mode (within Flash IDE). As you publish it, everything looks OK.

Text2Curve screenshot

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Help files can be installed for free as separate component (a bit later).

Text2Curve Samples

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